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Key words; Uniting the heart and the will, enthusiasm for life, release of negative attachments, the courage to change Chakras; All Element; Earth Physical; Supports muscle strength, especially in the legs and feet Emotional; Encourages one to take joy in following one's true calling. Spiritual; Helps one recognize, follow and persist in the heart's desires.

Viking Balls


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Keywords: Deep Peace, FaithChakras: AllElement: AllPlanet: The Galaxy, The UniversePhysical: Used to help in ailments caused by past mental and emotional traumaEmotional: Helps to strengthen resolve and promotes faith and understanding beyond one's personal experience Spiritual: Promotes the openness required when working towards enlightenmentMagical: Facilitates connection between timelines, astral bodies and planes of existence.

White Selenite Crystal Ball 5"


Polished into a sphere from the naturally beautiful selenite, this Selenite Crystal ball makes for both a beautiful decoration and a marvelous tool for divination and magic. 5"

White Selenite T-light holder


This Selenite Iceberg has been carved into a T-light Candle holder and for the most part has been left to its natural form. This is a beautiful piece for any altar, sacred space, or home and even your office. By placing Selenite where you would like it can help neutralize negative energies and to ensure a calm and peaceful environment....

White Snake Skin Agate


Keywords: Zeste for life  Chakras: Base, Root or Third Eye Element: Earth Planet: Mercury Physical: Used to help with all manner of skin issues.  Emotional: Protective stone for those who are prone to being taken advantage of or deceived. Spiritual: Can be used to awaken Kundalini energy.  Sacred stone to some indigenous American tribes, representing the snake spirit.  Folk Remedies: Thought to help clear any affliction of the...