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Boji Stones

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Boji Stones are very good balancing and grounding stones.  They keep you firmly in the Present.  They come in a pair, one Male and one Female to help balance and energize.  They help to reveal and release old negative energies, and to heal old emotional wounds.  Each pair is unique and may not be exactly as shown on the picture....

Green Aventurine Top Polish

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Approx 350g

Rose Quartz Top Polish

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Approx 400g

Selenite Heart

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The heart is known universally as a symbol of love, compassion and devotion.   Symbol: This cleansing stone clears negative energies, and can be used to reprogram other stones. It is a stone of mental clarity, and improves one's connection with the divine. Selenite can be used for scrying into the past, present and future. Size : 40mm