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Abalone Shell


Key Words: Communication, Cooperation, Commitment & Compromise; Family & Motherhood. Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat Element: Water Emotional: Harmony in relationships,  Help with anxiety and stress related issues. Spiritual: Stimulates psychic development and intuition, support the growth of Self. Magical uses; Known as the love talisman it can be used to aid the strength in love spells. As an amulet...

Agatized Coral


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Agnitite Quartz


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Key Words: Truth, Communication, Harmony Chakras: Heart, Throat Element: Water Planet; Uranus Emotional: Facilitates releasing fear of Judgment or Conflict, Finding Inner Freedom Spiritual: Receiving and Communicating Higher Knowledge, Speaking Truth Magical; Used in charms for Gambling and success. The wearer can insure great success in what they set out to do and the gambler uses it to attract more...



Key Words: Mind/Heart Integration, Spiritual Connection, Compassion, Psychic Ability, Emotional Healing Chakras: Heart, Crown, Etheric Element: Earth, Wind Emotional: Releasing Emotional Wounds, Learning to Trust and Love Spiritual: Facilitates Connection with Devine Love  

Amethyst High Grade


Keywords: Protection, Purification, Divine Connection, Release of Addiction, Dreams, healing, peace, love, courage and happiness Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Etheric Element: Water Planet; Jupiter & Neptune Emotional: Helps Clear Negative or Addictive Emotional Patterns Spiritual: Facilitates Conscious Connection with Spirit Guides, Angels and Source Magical; Amethyst aids in lifting ones spirits, and help promote thoughts of spiritual reality behind our lives....