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Tree Agate


Keywords: Solid but Flexible, Deep Connections, Family Chakras: Heart Element: Water, Earth Planet: Jupiter Physical: Foot health, nervous system, lungs Emotional: Helpful when working through inter-generational trauma. Spiritual: Reminds you to make connections with those who feed your spirit and to release those who leave you feeling drained. Folk Remedies: Has been used to help relieve pain and neuralgia Magical: Use when connecting to nature...



Key Words: Wholeness, Communication, Spiritual Expansion Chakras: Throat Element: Storm Physical: Increases Life Force in the Body, Supports Blood Oxygenation Emotional: Encourages Self-Forgiveness and the Release of Useless Regrets Spiritual: Inspires One to Act out of Truth, Compassion and Forgiveness  



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Key words; Healing, balance, release of bad habits, higher attunement, patient persistence Chakras; All Element; Earth Physical; Offers spiritual energetic support in the treatment of cancers or heart disease, promotes the growth of healthy tissue, can also be useful in recovery from injury Spiritual; Raises the vibration of the physical and emotional bodies by helping release disharmonious emotional patterns and...



Key words; Inner peace, love and compassion, alighnment of the physical and light bodies, simplicity, clarity, emotional healing. Chakras; Heart Element; Water  Physical; Encourages positive brain states; enhances learning, cognition, reasoning and logic Emotional; Opens the heart and kindles long-lasting emotional well-being Spiritual; Inspires one to release negative patterns into the light, instills inner harmony.

Vatican Stone


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