Mystic Moons carries a wide variety of books for all your interests. 

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Angels, Healing (various styles), gemstones, chakras, meditation, Aura's, Astral projection, Asatru/Norse, Celtic, Druidism, Divination (various styles), Egyptian Mysteries, Sacred Geometry, New Age, Wicca, Witchcraft, Shamanism, Pagan, and more.

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The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants


Author; Christian Ratsch The most comprehensive guide to the botany, history, distribution, and cultivation of all known psychoactive plants.

The Faery Chronicles


Author; Ann Brennan Ann Brennan is a local New Brunswick author who has just released her first full novel, she is also a customer of our shop and its been a pleasure getting to know her. :)       ________________________________________________________ The first book of The Faery Chronicles, Anglebert Crosses the Great Water, is a fast-paced adventure novel about an Irish Faery...

The Fifth Dimension


Drawing on mystical and religious traditions ancient and modern, and spiritual thinkers as diverse as Julian of Norwich and Mahatma Gandhi, The Fifth Dimension is John Hick’s eloquent argument for a more complete reality, in which a fifth, spiritual dimension plays a central role. Taking into account recent global crises - including the 9/11 attacks and war in Iraq -...

The First Sisters; Lilith and Eve

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Author; Lady Haight-Ashton It was said in the beginning, in a garden called Eden, that woman was created at the same time as man, and not from his rib. Lilith, the first female, created equal to stand as a partner. But she proved to be a person so troublesome that she vanishes from her rightful place in civilization’s mythological legends in...

The Gift Journal

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Approx Dims: 5" x 7" Material: Paper

The Goddess and the Shaman: The Art & Science of Magical Healing


Author; J A Kent, PhD Explore the resurgence of magical and shamanic healing in the world today. Recovering from disease, pain, and mental illness often means addressing otherworldly causes such as soul loss, soul fragmentation, or invasive spirits. Interviewing modern shamanic practitioners and sharing her own experiences as a psychotherapist and healer, author J. A. Kent, PhD, shows how ritual...