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The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magical Herbs

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Author; Judy Ann Nock Incorporate herbs into spells, rituals, and divination with this all-inclusive guide to the benefits of using herbal magic in witchcraft.From creating potions to using dried herbs in rituals, herbal magic is a natural way to practice witchcraft. Herbs can be used in many different ways to help set the intention through every part of a witch’s...

The Moribund Portal


Author; Richard Gavin  Beyond its vulgar function as a means of execution, the Gallows has long served as a source of occult power. From the severed appendage of the thief that becomes the Hand of Glory, to the fallen seed that spawns the mandrake root, the Hanging Place is awash in the sinistral ambiance of ancient sorcery. Richard Gavin weaves...

The Morrigan


Author; Courtney Webber The Morrigan is Pagan Ireland's dark goddess. Her name is translated as "phantom queen" or "great queen." The Morrigan is a goddess of war and sexuality, witchcraft and death, protection and retribution. This goddess of justice is classified among the Sidhe - Ireland's fairies - but she may have a mermaid incarnation, as well. The Morrigan dates...

The Mythic Journey


Author; Liz Greene & Juliet Sharman-Burke Greek gods, Norse heroes, Polynesian tricksters, and Native American warriors’ they all have lessons to teach us. Since the beginning of time, human beings have relied on myths, fairy tales, and fablesto explain life's mysteries. Bringing a fresh perspective to these age-old tales, Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman-Burke reveal how seekers today can find...

The Natural Psychic

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Author; Ellen Dugan's  Everyone has some type of psychic ability, but the skills that come easily for some may be more challenging for others. However, no matter where you are on the psychic spectrum, The Natural Psychic will help you develop and refine your natural talents. Renowned author Ellen Dugan is your personal guide, helping you to build your psychic repertoire. With...

The Norse Shaman: Ancient Spiritual Practices of the Northern Tradition


Author; Evelyn C Rysdyk An experiential guide to the wisdom preserved in Europe’s far north• Includes shamanic journeys to connect with deities and your ancestral shamans• Provides step-by-step instructions to prepare for and conduct a seiðr ceremony• Draws on archaeological evidence and surviving written records from Iceland• Reveals the long tradition of female shamans in northern European shamanismShamanism is humanity’s...