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Angels, Healing (various styles), gemstones, chakras, meditation, Aura's, Astral projection, Asatru/Norse, Celtic, Druidism, Divination (various styles), Egyptian Mysteries, Sacred Geometry, New Age, Wicca, Witchcraft, Shamanism, Pagan, and more.

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The Book of Celtic Magic (used)

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Author; Kristoffer Hughes Delve into the depths of a magical current that spans over two thousand years. The Book of Celtic Magic provides the unsurpassed power of practical magic and the transformative forces of ancient Celtica. Druid priest Kristoffer Hughes invites you to explore the pantheon, myths, and magic of his native Wales. Discover the magical allies, the gods and goddesses, and...

The Druids (used)

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Author; Peter Berresford Ellis  In this compelling and highly readable study of the Druids, respected Celtic scholar Peter Berresford Ellis sifts through the historical evidence, the legend and lore, and gives the first authentic, reliable account of who the mysterious Druids were and what role they played in Celtic society. Including fourteen black-and-white photographs of Celtic relics and related material,...

The Lost Books of Merlyn (used)


Author; Douglas Monroe Become an active participant in three mythological stories, restored for today's reader from a rare 16th-century Druid text. A grimoire follows each story with instructions on how to reenact the lessons and replicate the rituals. These grimoires are the next best thing to viewing a magician's personal Book of Shadows, which contains knowledge specially reserved for a...

Witchcraft Today (used)


Author; Gerald B. Gardner Publication on this used book 2004 First published in 1954, this landmark exploration of Wicca inspired a passionate revival of interest in indigenous British religion and led to the rebirth of a way of life. Encompassing an explanation of Wiccan rituals and tenents, as well as a comprehensive study of occult practices worldwide and throughout the...