Amethyst - Insight, clarity, sleep

Black Tourmaline - Purification, protection, clearing

Bloodstone - Protection, strength, courage

Carnelian - Courage, confidence, protection, peace

Garnet - love, passion, healing, strength

Mixed Chips -  

Moonstone - Balance, connection to the Moon & Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone)

Petrified Wood - Grounding, abundance, self-healing

Clear Quartz - All purpose stone, amplified energy,

Rose Quartz - Love, hope, faith, heart Chakra

Golden Tiger's Eye - strength, creativity, balance

Labradorite - Intuition, creativity, protection

Black Obsidian - Focus, transformation, protection


- Chips are great for all types of uses such as; spells, charms, candles, fish tanks, gardens/plants and much more.

Each bottle contains 3 oz. of stone chips