This beautiful handcracted rosary for all workings of Spirit communication, & divination.

Made of Black obsidian for allowing communication with the spirit realm and otherwordly beings. Natural Eye beads for protection along your journey, Carnelian was said to bring safety for the dead to travel and Hummingbird charm to aid in connection to the dead/Spirits along with calling on Warrior{s} who have fallen to aid in the callers journey.

Use during your divination sessions to hear messages from the other world. Can also be used while taking a spiritual bath to communicate with dead and Ancestors. 

Black Obsidian
Triquetra link (pewter)
Natural Eye beads
Howlite skull
Hummingbird skull charm

Each section is divided into 9 rounds for tapping into one's higher consciousness and bringing luck to those who work with it. 

Made in New Brunswick