Rose Water has been magically used in many forms from food to cosmetics for thousands of years.

 Magically Rose Water is used for

 - Wishing spells

 - Love spells (from attracting, and affection, self-love ext)

 - Bringing positive and promising conditions in your life

 - Some have used it in divination water

 Ingredients; Yellow local grown Rose petals, distilled water, witch hazel, Rose Essential oil.


How it can be used;

First thing, this Rose Water is not intended to be ingested. This Rose Water is topical use only. It has small amount of Rose essential oil to enhance the fragrance from the actual Roses. This Rose water can be used in your bath for self-care and self-love and or for attracting love and bringing affection to your life. You can anoint your body at any time or for spells, and rituals. For love spells and Ritual you can anoint your candles and charms or other tools used for such workings. These ways can also be used for the properties mentioned above. 

Make this rose water into a spray and spray yourself from head to toe when you go out. Its smells divine and can be used as a light perfume. 

Made in; Irishtown NB

Mady by; Earth Wytch