Pomegranates are most known through the myth of Persephone and Hades. Its a fruit of the underworld, visions & transformation. The pomegranate is balance, bringing with it both life and death and the wisdom of its mysteries. It is said that pomegranate juice can be used in spells that call for blood. 

Ink uses; various spells, otherworldly communications and petitions and spirit work. New beginnings, fertility and protection

Historically Pomegranates were used in traditional ink making. This ink was made using a period recipe and from start to finished was made from scratch. Traditional Iron gall ink is made from materials such as Oak galls and or pomegranates (other types of tannic acid-containing plant source)

This ink is permanent and waterproof and has been aging for a year. Color of ink is reddish brown and has a slight odder when smelling from the bottle (no odder on paper) To be used on a dip pen only.

Size; 10ml

Made in Irishtown NB

 **Cleaning your drip pen - Rinse or soak nib in white vinegar, then rinse well with hot water wipe off and let dry.