Artemisia vulgaris is her name. She is a Native species to parts of Europe, Northern Africa, Asia. Mugwort is an introduced species to North America and is also known as an invasive weed. Very earthy scent yet with a hint of sweetness, reminding one of a breezy summer day.

- known highly as the 'Witches Herb' and most commonly for its aid in otherworldly travels.
- from the Greek Moon Goddess 'Artemis' who is known for being a patron Goddess to woman. Deeply associated to the moon, there is no wonder to why this herb is used in many forms of divination and protection. 

Magical Uses;
- This herbal oil was created with the intentions of aiding psychic ability, prophetic dreams, visions, astral projection, protection magic and all forms of divination; you can anoint your third eye and your pulse points or anoint/massage into your body or under your feet before ritual especially nice after your ritual bath, or add a full dropper (20 drops)  into your bath water for healing rituals/spells or other desired workings.

- Anoint altar/spell candles for the desired working or for rituals dedicated to the Otherworld. 

Size; 10ml amber bottle with dropper cap

Ingredients; mugwort leaves & stems, sweet almond oil & 3% Mugwort Essential Oil

Safety tips
- Do not use in oil diffuser (these are herbal infusions)
- Do not ingest (topical product only)
- Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding 
- Patch test before use