Author: Mari Silva (USED)

Explore the pagan practices and Druidry in Irish culture and history.

Are you curious to discover more about Irish Paganism?

Would you like to learn more about Druids and who they are?

Are you interested in learning about different pagan spells and rituals?

This book primarily focuses on the history and legacy of the Pagan belief system. It discusses how this system was practiced in Ireland and Wales and outlines the Druids’ role in the faith. It also informs the reader about the key deities, tales, and myths in understanding the role of Paganism in Celtic and Welsh history.

In this book, you’ll:

  • Learn what Irish Paganism is
  • Discover who the Druids are
  • Explore different pagan feasts and festivals
  • Learn the different branches of Celtic witchcraft
  • Understand various components of Irish spirits and deities
  • Master the art of performing Paganism and Druidry today
  • Learn how to set up a pagan altar and the magical tools required to practice witchcraft
  • Master simple pagan spells and rituals
  • And much more!