Wytch's Dark Moon

Dancing in her shadow, she slips inwards to hide her inner most fears under her darkness.  Made from locally wildcrafted herbs of lilac, apple blossoms, hawthorn, mugwort, bayberry, black cherry and juniper infused in a base of sweet almond. Mixed with vitamin E oil and essential oils with a hint of true wormwood.

- Witch's finger or Black Obsidian gemstone
- locally foraged Blackberry blossom

Uses; a perfume oil used during Dark Moon working. Anoint altar/spell candles. Anoint your third eye, or neck, or wrists. 

Size; 15ml - roller ball bottle. 

Safety tips
- Do not use in oil diffuser (these are herbal infusions)
- Do not ingest (topical product only)
- Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeedind
- Patch test before use 

Warning: DO NOT BURN