Locally grown in Irishtown NB  this mugwort is 100% organic.  

Latin name; Artemisia vulgaris

Uses; Strength, psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, healing, astral protection

Energy; Female

Planet, Venus

Element; Earth

When things are chaotic or cloudy, turn to mugwort for comfort and clarity. Drink in a tea before bed, or make a dream pillow with mugwort to bring restful sleep and prophetic dreams. Can also be made into a wash for your scrying mirrors or crystals balls. There are so many ways to work with the spirit of Mugwort. 

It has long been recognized as a visionary herb, and so working with mugwort can enhance psychic awareness, especially when used in scrying rituals. Mugwort is also used to consecrate divination tools, such as crystal balls, pendulums, and tarot cards.

There is something appeasing about mugwort that makes it a great herb for protection. Burn in a cauldron or hang over the entrance of a home or building to keep it safe and protected from unwanted energies. Or, carry with you an amulet made out of mugwort for protection while travelling. 

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