We have an abundance of loose herbs all packaged in 1oz. bags (unless other wise noted), each package has a write up provided for their magical use.

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Apple Blossom


Write up coming soon!   0.25 oz


Bayberries 1oz.

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Latin name; Myrica pensylvanica Uses; Money spells, luck, and prosperity.  - add these berries to sachets and mojo bags, for luck and prosperity. Boil in water and collect its natural wax to create amazing candles. Do not ingest! Planet; Jupiter Element; Earth


Cedar wood and Leaves 1oz.

$7.75 $5.40

Locally Wildcrafted in the Woods of New Brunswick Latin name; Cedrus libani Uses; Protection, known as the tree of life, purification, attracts money, healing Energy; Male Planet; Sun Element; Fire

Echinacea 1/4 oz

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Latin name; Echinacea augustifolia Uses;  money drawing, offering to the Gods - Adds strength to charms and sachet, used as offerings to spirits to strengthen spells **comes with flowers and leaves


EyeBright 1/2oz

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Latin name; Euphrasia officinalis Energy; Male Planet(s); Sun Uses; Mental powers, psychic powers, clears the mind, aids with memory Locally (New Brunswick) wildcrafted **contains flowers, stems and leaves



$3.30 $1.32

Latin name; Solidago odora Uses; prosperity, divination Energy; Female Planet; Venus Element; Air