We have an abundance of loose herbs all packaged in 1oz. bags (unless other wise noted), each package has a write up provided for their magical use.

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Apple Blossom


Write up coming soon!   0.25 oz

Bayberries 1/2 oz.

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Latin name; Myrica pensylvanica Uses; Money spells, luck, and prosperity.  - add these berries to sachets and mojo bags, for luck and prosperity. Boil in water and collect its natural wax to create amazing candles. Do not ingest! Planet; Jupiter Element; Earth

Blackthorn Thorns


Blackthorn thorns also known as Witch Pins are used in a variety of ways from baneful to protection. These thorns can be utilized in charms, talismans, rituals and spells, dark moon magic and shadow magic. Associated with the planets Mars and Saturn Highly useful in magics of defense when keeping unwanted intruders at bay.  Size; 10 per bottles - various...

Cedarwood and Leaves

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Locally Wildcrafted in the Woods of New Brunswick Latin name; Cedrus libani Uses; Protection, known as the tree of life, purification, attracts money, healing, dream work magic.  Energy; Male Planet; Sun Element; Fire Size; 1oz.

Echinacea 1/4 oz


Latin name; Echinacea augustifolia Uses;  money drawing, offering to the Gods - Adds strength to charms and sachet, used as offerings to spirits to strengthen spells **comes with flowers and leaves

EyeBright 1/4 oz.

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Latin name; Euphrasia officinalis Energy; Male Planet(s); Sun Uses; Mental powers, psychic powers, clears the mind, aids with memory Locally (New Brunswick) wildcrafted **contains flowers, stems and leaves