Please note that these inks DO NOT have blood in them. In ancient times the most magical and powerful petitions were written in blood to create a packed/bond between the intended energies and the indivual/group.

Espiritu ink is intended as a potent magical ink to be used in inscribing spells, words of powers, and signs to empower your ritual craft. 

Bat's Blood Ink - Used in spells to harm, seek out revenge, jinx/hex & curse magics

Dove's Blood Ink - Used in spells for reconciliation, frienship, love, attraction, desire, & blessings.

Dragon's Blood Ink - Used in spells for good-luck, invocations, pack-making, banishing, attraction, power

Money Ink - Used in spells for abundance, money drawing, good business, wealth

Black Ink - Used in spells for all

Deer's Blood Ink - Very similar to Dragon's Blood, however the difference with Deer is that one can write questions to have answered by the energies or seek the wisdom of deer in spells, charms & taslimans. 

Size; 1oz bottles