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Gypsum 3"H

Chakra Goddess


Description: This stunning Goddess displays 7 stones each representing the seven chakras. Set aroud the Sacral Chakra, a beautiful carved flower embellishes this beautiful statue. The figurine has been made with natural gypsum that contains no harmful chemicals. Made in Canada. Size: 5.5 inches H. SYMBOL: The 7 rainbow colors are associated to the chakras and the endocrine system. Violet, crown of...

Divine Mother


Finished in a neutral earthy tone, she is made from natural gypsum that contains no harmful chemicals. Made in Canada.  SYMBOL: Serenity and calmness emanate from the Divine Mother as she cradles a semi-precious stone in her hands.

Dragon Goddess - Tiamat


Gypsum 3" H

Labyrinth Goddess


By Abby Willowroot The path to enlightenment. One side depicts the oldest known maze design. The other side shows three forms of the goddess--trees frame voluptuous hills beneath the full moon. Both images invite either delving inward in meditation or expanding consciousness outward to embrace all creation.Pentacle Goddess, Labyrinth Goddess and Spiral Goddess together combine to create the ultimate Maiden,...

Lotus/Chakra Goddess Statue


Our Lotus/Chakra Goddess holds a jeweled lotus above her calling forth purity from the heavens. A natural dark brown finish highlights the figurine's carved details. Molded from natural gypsum which is chemical free Handmade in Canada.