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Millennial Gaia Statue

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Approx Dims: 5" x 3 1/2" x 7" Material: Cold Cast Resin Description: Hand Painted

Millennial Gaia Statue Sm


Approx Dims: 3.25" X 2.75" X 4.25   Material: Cold Cast Resin   Description: Hand Painted

Moon Goddess Statue


Our simple yet elegant Moon Goddess holds a crescent shaped moon in her hands while delicate spirals adorn her body. She has been made with natural gypsum that chemical free.  Symbol : The Moon Goddess grants our wishes and guides our dreams. She possesses the ultimate creative power and oversees the life, death and rebirth cycle. The Moon Goddess bestows fertility,...

Moon Goddess Wood Finish Small


5"h x 4 3/4"w x 2 1/2"d Venerated for centuries as nurturer, mistress of magic, and protectress, the Goddess is intimately connected with the moon. She moves us the way the tides move the waters of the ocean. Inspired by the High Priestess card of the tarot, the Moon Goddess embodies feminine wisdom. Place something precious within her arms that...

Pentacle Goddess


By Abby Willowroot Raise Power. One side contains pentacle and Celtic knotwork designs. The other side shows steaming cauldron, triple moon, and triquetra. Above, the goddess embraces and guides the crescent moon and stars. Both images invite creativity and magical energy.Pentacle Goddess, Labyrinth Goddess, and Spiral Goddess together combine to create the ultimate Maiden, Mother, Crone triple Goddess set.

Shaman Goddess Statue


Our Shaman Goddess stands poised to nurture the earth and all its creatures. Her carved feathers swirl around her body linking her to the heavens and grounding her to the earth. Her turquoise colored beads bring forth balance. Molded from natural gypsum and is chemical free. Size; 5.5 H Symbol: "To Mother Earth, enfolding all beings with the beauty of compassion,...