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Hekate's Wheel


Ancient Greek Symbol that represents the Moon Goddess Hekate who is the also the Goddess of the Crossroads

Hex Twisting


Author; Diana Rajchel Break Spells, Hexes, Curses, and Any Harmful Magick Thrown at You Even if you're the most mild-mannered practitioner who sticks to personal development magick, you can still end up getting energetically attacked. Hex Twisting is the key to countering any curse or hex cast your way. Providing a variety of techniques to defend yourself, this indispensable guide helps you...

Image Candles


House made figure candles in the replication of Male and female. To be used in a wide range of candle magic. Color Meanings & Uses; Black - Break ups, removing/banishing, absorbing negative and evil energies, protection, Hexes and Curses along with breaking hexes and curses. Green - coming soon Pink - coming soon Red - Passion, sex magic, love and...

Lid Off The Cauldron; A Wiccan Handbook


Author; Patricia Crowther Publishing House; Capall Bann Publication date; 1998 Condition of Book; Fair to Good. (no markings, wear on the cover with minor fold mark on cover) Patricia Crowther lifts the lid off the cauldron and reveals the truth about witchcraft, sharing its history and the methods and theory behind magic and self-initiation. Included are spells, chants, prayers, divination...

Light from the Shadows: A Mythos of Modern Traditional Witchcraft


Author; Gwyn Publishing house; Capall Bann Publication date; 1999 Condition of Book; Brand new, never opened An inside account of traditional witchcraft as it is practised today by several covens and clans across Britain and how it compares with modern Wicca. Subjects include the working tools of the traditional witch; the Horned God and Witch Goddess; entering the circle and...

Lunar Moth Tapestry


Lunar Moth Moon Phase Tapestry or Altar Cloth Size; 100cm x 70 cm