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Griffin Gargoyle


Griffin Grotesque Gargoyle Product Size: 4.88" X 5.5" X 6.25" Material: Cold Cast Resin

Hallowtide: A Dark Devotional


Author; Val Thomas Hallowtide: A Dark Devotional explores the sacred days between Hallowe’en and Martinmas. It is a moment of the year which offers a deep well of dark magic. As the leaves yellow and fall, and pavements and forest tracks are covered in fairy gold, much that is strange and disturbing, yet exquisitely beautiful, emerges from the swirling mists. In...

Hematite Beads


These hematite beads are of the highest quality, with a smooth and polished surface that reflects light beautifully. Hematite is known for its grounding and protective properties, making these beads not only beautiful but also beneficial for the wearer.

Honey Calcite Beads


These Premium Quality Polished Honey Calcite A Round Beads are a beautiful addition to any jewelry-making project. The warm honey color of the calcite beads is perfect for creating earthy and natural-looking pieces. The beads are polished to a high shine, giving them a luxurious and elegant look.

Horned God Wall Plaque


Horned God  Product Size: 13.75" X 1.5" X 13.5" Material: Cold Cast Resin

Incense Powders


These incense powders are self-lighting.  Temple; Burn our Temple Incense Powder while invoking your spiritual prayers. Use to ignight the will of your altar and working with spirits and gods. Court Case; Burn our Court Case Incense Powder for success in court cases and legal matters. Spell Breaker; Burn our Spell breaker Incense Powder to shatter a spell or hex...