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Devil Candles


Our house made Devil Candles are great for spells and rituals regarding all things forbidden. Each of the 3 colors are specifically tailored with their own scent and purpose and charged in the appropriate energy. Enjoy as décor candle for your spooky themed room. Black - protection, riding home of dark forces, to cause harm, Green - wealth, money drawing,...

Dragon's Blood Pillar Candle


- Our Dragon's Blood Pillar candle is 100% vegan friendly.  Created with the energy and purpose to aid power and protection to one's ritual/spells. Dragon's blood can be used at any time for any ritual and or spell. Mostly utilized for purification, protection and amplifying your magic. This candle can be used to neutralize negative energy, is associated with love...

Evil Eye Bead Bracelet


To protect, and negate the evil eye

Evil Eye Key


Lucky Key w/i evil eye.  Chain included Size; 12"L

Flower Magic of the Druids


Author; Jong G. Hughes • Provides detailed instruction on every stage of the harvesting, crafting, and practical use of flower magic potions, including a comprehensive herbarium of all the flowers that may be used• Discusses what type of flower and form of flower magic is best for specific enchantments and rituals in the areas of love and sex magic, healing...

Fortune Teller Spell Candle


Hand poured soy wax magically prepared and infused with essential oils, herbs, and gemstones for opening the doors of your subconscious and reinforcing your divinatory work and psychic connections. Essential oil: Star anise oil to activate psychic ability and allow divinatory messages to get through via your own intuition and any tools you may use for this purpose. Herbs: A...