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Eye of the Sun


Author: Kerry Wisner Ancient Egypt has been the singular most important influence in the development of Western Magic as practiced today.  Yet, few people understand the core teachings and techniques of this once great civilization.  Now, more than twenty years after its original publication, this classic work on Egyptian Magic is being made available in a revised and expanded version...

Floppy Sun Hats


We are so excited for our brand new sun hats! Embroidered design. Huge sun shading brim. Size: 24" (but size is adjustable and can be sized down, inside the hat) Brim - 6" wide Hat Color - See photos  ***Photos provided by supplier

Fluorite Beads


These Multi Fluorite crystal round beads are a stunning addition to any jewelry-making project. Each bead is polished to a high shine, showcasing the natural beauty of the multi-colored fluorite stone.

Folklore Oracle


The only oracle deck to tap into the current interest in folklore. These 60 beautifully illustrated cards feature famous characters, plants and animals from across UK and US folklore, from White Bison and Sasquatch (Big Foot) to Herne the Hunter, Sheela-na-gig and the Green Man.This wonderful linocut-style card deck features characters and beings from the folklore of the UK and...

Goetia Lesser Key of Solomon


Author: Aleister Crowley Provides a clear and detailed account of the preparations and precautions necessary for the successful evocation of its 72 spirits, which are described in detail. Includes Crowley's "An Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magic," his version of "The Bornless Ritual," Enochian translations of some of the Goetic invocations, an introduction, and notes. Illustrated. Smythesewn and printed on acidfree...

Green Aventurine Beads


These premium quality polished Green Aventurine crystal round beads are perfect for creating beautiful and unique jewelry pieces. Green Aventurine is known as the "Stone of Opportunity" and is believed to bring luck, prosperity, and abundance to those who wear it.