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Hex Twisting


Author; Diana Rajchel Break Spells, Hexes, Curses, and Any Harmful Magick Thrown at You Even if you're the most mild-mannered practitioner who sticks to personal development magick, you can still end up getting energetically attacked. Hex Twisting is the key to countering any curse or hex cast your way. Providing a variety of techniques to defend yourself, this indispensable guide helps you...

Image Candles


House made figure candles in the replication of Male and female. To be used in a wide range of candle magic. Color Meanings & Uses; Black - Break ups, removing/banishing, absorbing negative and evil energies, protection, Hexes and Curses along with breaking hexes and curses. Green - coming soon Pink - coming soon Red - Passion, sex magic, love and...



Pan by Jeff Cullen We live in a world overran by Puritanical ideals, strict social morals, and the subjugation of our primal instincts. There is a God Who watches from the edge of the forests, Whose hidden influence makes us give in to our true nature. He is Pan, God of Groves, Lord of Lust, and King of Witches. We...

Techniques of Solomonic Magic


Author; Stephen Skinner The most detailed analysis of the techniques of Solomonic magic from the seventh to the nineteenth century ever published. This volume explores the methods of Solomonic magic in Alexandria, tracing how the tradition passed through Byzantium (the Hygromanteia) to the Latin Clavicula Salomonis and its English incarnation as the Key of Solomon. Discover specific magical techniques such as the invocation of...

The Macabre Tarot


A truly macabre design a tarot deck in the shape of the coffin! The Macabre Tarot tempts you to turn away from the light and embrace the dark. While following the traditional tarot structure, the deck takes a look at the darker sides of the cards and implores you to embrace all the spooky things that lurk in the shadows....

The Radiant Tarot


Richly painted, at times fantastical, fine art images of plants, animals, and people co-inhabit a dream-like world guiding tarot readers down a radiant path of awakening creativity and personal growth.The creation of The Radiant Tarot deck was born from the author and artist’s years of working with archetypal images, the universal symbolic language. Sentient animal and plant kingdoms animate the artwork, honoring...