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Cotton Coin Purse Pentacle


Each Coin purse is 6x4 with a zipper. Comes in a variety of colors.

Cotton Coin Purse Tree of Life


Each Coin purse is 6x4 with a zipper. Comes in a variety of colors.

Dark Moon Oil


Used for Dark Moon Workings Ingredients : Lilac, Pomegranate Seeds, Apple Blossoms, Hawthorn Berries, Mugwort, Bayberry Leaves, Black Cherry, Juniper Berries, Vitamin E Oil, Wormwood Oil, Damiana Oil, Apple Blossom Oil, Blackberry Oil and Rose Oil Carrier Oil : Sweet Almond Warning: DO NOT BURN

Divine Mothe


Finished in a neutral earthy tone, she is made from natural gypsum that contains no harmful chemicals. Made in Canada.  SYMBOL: Serenity and calmness emanate from the Divine Mother as she cradles a semi-precious stone in her hands.

Fatima Hand Keychain 4"


Our stylish keychain has a blue glass evil eye protection bead on top and a pewter Fatima Hand, a symbol of patience and good luck on the bottom.  This Amulet originates from Turkey, where it was believed that when people looked at each other, they could transmit their bad energy with only one look. Wearing this Evil Eye Amulet can...

Fertility Goddess Charm


Fertility goddess antique silver tone charms, in a zinc alloy metal. The spiral represents the "circle" - of life, the womb, fertility, continual change. Perfect for bracelets, pendants, earrings, zipper pulls, bookmarks and key chains!Measurements: 39mm x 12mmHole Size: 2mm