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Flower Essence from the Witch's Garden


Author; Nicholas Pearson  A hands-on guide to using flower essences in magick, spellcraft, alchemy, and healing• Provides detailed instructions for making single-flower essences and magickal and therapeutic essence blends• Shares new magickal uses for flower essences, from creating sacred space to dressing candles to preparing incense, as well as how to use essences in meditation, potions, spells, spagyrics, and ritual•...

From the Bodies of the Gods


Author; Earl Lee The origins of modern religion in human sacrifice, ritual cannibalism, visionary intoxication, and the Cult of the Dead• Explores ancient practices of producing sacred hallucinogenic foods and oils from the bodies of the dead for ritual consumption and religious anointing• Explains how these practices are deeply embedded in the symbolism, theology, and sacraments of modern religion, specifically...

Psychedelic Mystery Traditions


Author; Thomas Hatsis A comprehensive look at the long tradition of psychedelic magic and religion in Western Civilization• Explores the use of psychedelics and entheogens from Neolithic times through Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance to the Victorian era and beyond• Reveals how psychedelics were integrated into pagan and Christian magical practices and demonstrates how one might employ a...

Wild Witchcraft


Author; Rebecca Beyer Learn how to cultivate your own magical garden, begin your journey with folk herbalism, and awaken to your place in nature through practical skills from an experienced Appalachian forager and witch.Witchcraft is wild at heart, calling us into a relationship with the untamed world around us. Through the power of developing a relationship with plants, a witch—beginner or...