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Ancient Greek Philosophers


Introduction by Ken MondscheinEditors Of Canterbury ClassicsHave you ever wondered about the development of civilization? What topics were discussed in the days of Ancient Greece? This collection of thoughts from Plato, Aristotle, and other masters of philosophy will lead your mind on a journey of enlightened exploration into ethics, morality, law, medicine, and more. With an introduction by a distinguished scholar...



Pan by Jeff Cullen We live in a world overran by Puritanical ideals, strict social morals, and the subjugation of our primal instincts. There is a God Who watches from the edge of the forests, Whose hidden influence makes us give in to our true nature. He is Pan, God of Groves, Lord of Lust, and King of Witches. We...

Secret Texts of Hellenic Polytheism


Author; John Opsopaus PHD A Complete Translation of the Surviving Contents of Plethon's Renaissance-Era Book of Laws George Gemistos (c. 1355–1452), who called himself "Plethon," helped trigger the Renaissance by reawakening an interest in Platonism, but his secret book on its Neopagan theology was burned after his death. Only sixteen chapters of Plethon's Book of Laws escaped the flames and, for the first...