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Cresent Moon Pentagram #2

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Pendant come on Legend Cards with a 33" long cord

Howling Wolf in Moon Necklace

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The Pentacle is a schematic map of the Cosmos. Its five points stand for the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, and the fifth element, Consciousness. They also stand for the Four directions, and the center, the place where you are. The Pentacle is one of the oldest symbols in the Western world. It is still revered as...

Irish Stag

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This totem of the stag is intended to empower your life with the wisdom, virility, strength, grace and courage of the stag. Pendants come with a 33" long cord Aprox. Size : Diam: 1.25"

Irish Stag Necklace


The Stag is one of the deepest animal symbols the European people ever found.  The Stag is said to be the consort of the great Goddess, who found his lover yearly, while in a human form, at the festival Beltane, the Rite of Spring.  The Stag is a very sensitive animal.  His full awareness can be triggered by any subtle...

Morrigan Necklace


The Celtic War Goddess Morrigan is said to rule over life, death and sexuality.  She is said to have flown over battlefields in the form of a raven to choose who would live and who would die.  She used her magical powers of shape-shifting rather than weapons to preside over battles and was also known as the "Washer at the...

Raven Moons

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Pendants come with a 33" long cord