We have an abundance of loose herbs all packaged in 1oz. bags (unless other wise noted), each package has a write up provided for their magical use.

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Witch Hazel Leaf


Latin name; Hamamelis virginiea Uses; Protection, chastity, divination, calming Energy; Male Planet; Sun Element; Fire


Witches Brew Trivet

$23.00 $18.40

A fun and functional teapot shaped coaster baring the 'Witches Brew' design. A darkly beautiful addition to any kitchen. This piece can be used as a coaster for mugs, pans, teapots and more! What a wonderful gift it would make for any Witch that enjoys her brew!Dimensions: 13.2cm x 18.7cm x 0.8cm175g

Witches Grass 1 oz.


Latin name; Agropyron repens Uses; Happiness, lust, love, exorcism Energy; Male Planet; Jupiter  

Wood Betony


Latin name; Stachys betonica, Stachys officinalis, Betonica officinalis Uses; protection, purification, love Energy; Male Planet; Jupiter Element; Fire

Wooden Ripple Mortar and Pestle 5"

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Size: 3" Height, 4.5" Diameter This wooden mortar & pestle are wonderful for grinding and mixing herbs, spices, resins and woods. Especial fresh ingredients.



Latin name; Asperula odorata, Galium odorata Uses; protection, prosperity, victory Energy; Male Planet; Mars Element; Fire