Large selection of items to decorate your spiritual rooms and spaces.

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Cross Chime Bells

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Cross in brass with beads and miniature brass bells on cord Size - 25" W As shown in image

Crystal Ball Enamel Pin


This crystal ball enamel pin rides the line between occult and kawaii. We made this pin to help you develop your psychic abilities or let people know that you have mystic powers. This premium quality pin uses real gold and hard enamel and is a substantial 1.5”. It’s the perfect statement piece for a leather jacket or black book bag....

Crystal Night Enamel Pin

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Gold pin with colored enamel and rubber backing. Size: 1"

Enamel Pins


Durable and great for all materials. Size; varies (mostly the size of a quarter/loonie)

Enchantress Sorceress Enamel Pin


“She is a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within.” ― John Mark Green Women are powerful, mysterious creatures guided by the moon. We designed this enchantress pin to honor a witchy, feminite spirit. WITCHY VIBES - Sorceress pin is the perfect gift for your favorite witch - especially if that witch is you! PREMIUM QUALITY LAPEL PIN...

Evil Eye Charm


SYMBOL: The Evil Eye originates from Turkey, where it was believed that when people looked at each other, they could transmit their bad energy with only one look. Having an Evil Eye Amulet can protect you from looks charged with envy, fear, resentment, or other negative thought   Size; 6.75" to 9.5" L