Large selection of items that make wonderful gifts to decorate your spiritual rooms and spaces and much more!

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Black Metal Chimes

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Various Designs Approx size - 1.18"L x 4.33"W x 29.72"H

Canvas Banners


Beautiful Canvas banners  Size; Aprox 15" W x 48" L

Lunar Phase Banner


This stunning lunar phase banner showcases all moon phases from waxing crescent to full moon, to waning crescent. The banner is made of 100% cotton and includes wooden dowels with a string for easier and effective hanging and display. Size: 15.5 inches W. x 48 inches L. Comes from Bali.  SYMBOL: The moon is a reflection of the sun. It symbolizes...

Moon Phase Garland

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Perfect decor for home, temple, office.  Material; Metal 

Moon Phase Wooden


DESCRIPTION: This beautiful hanging mobile represents five different moon phases from waning, to full, to waxing crescent made with different size circles. Each moon figure has been made with wood and additional pieces of mirror.  SYMBOL: The moon symbolizes the cycles of our life. Through several cycles, we acquire the true knowledge. Associated with dreams and the bearing of new projects or...

Mystic Cat Trinket Dish


Material; Ceramic Size; 3.93" x 3.85" x 2.36"