Large selection of items to decorate your spiritual rooms and spaces.

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Crescent Moon Enamel Pin


Howl at the moon. Silver pin with black enamel and rubber backing. Size; 1"

Crystal Ball Enamel Pin


This crystal ball enamel pin rides the line between occult and kawaii. We made this pin to help you develop your psychic abilities or let people know that you have mystic powers. This premium quality pin uses real gold and hard enamel and is a substantial 1.5”. It’s the perfect statement piece for a leather jacket or black book bag....

Crystal Night Enamel Pin

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Gold pin with colored enamel and rubber backing. Size: 1"

Evil Eye Enamel Pin

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See no evil. Silver pin with colored enamel with rubber. Size; .5" tall x 1" wide

Herb Ally Enamel Pins


Each Plant Ally Enamel Pin is 1.5" Soft Enamel  Designed in Yukon

Luna The Black Cat Enamel Pin

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This black, white & gold enamel pin in produced in a woodcut style, to give it a beautiful, raw look. If your Witches coven doesn’t have a black cat yet, you can adopt this one. For the sailor moon fans, this pin reminds us a little bit of Luna. Size &" Material: 1” double-posted hard enamel, two Butterfly clasps, real...