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White Snake Skin Agate


Keywords: Zeste for life  Chakras: Base, Root or Third Eye Element: Earth Planet: Mercury Physical: Used to help with all manner of skin issues.  Emotional: Protective stone for those who are prone to being taken advantage of or deceived. Spiritual: Can be used to awaken Kundalini energy.  Sacred stone to some indigenous American tribes, representing the snake spirit.  Folk Remedies: Thought to help clear any affliction of the...

Wire Cage


A large coil that expands into a spiraling design that can be used to hold small charms. Coil may come already expanded and ready for use. No cord. Silver Plated Brass. 1" wide and 1.5 high. These coils are fantastic for gemstones

Witches Fingers


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Yellow Calcite


Keywords: Release, Forgiveness, Mending bridges Chakras: Solar Plexus Element: Water Planet: Neptune Physical: Useful in the detoxification of all digestive organs. Emotional: Assist in healing self-esteem issues caused by past neglect or abuse.  Spiritual: Clears old grudges and hurts allowing us to move ahead in our lives without fear. Folk Remedies: Yellow calcite is said to help in digestive and liver issues by helping to remove blockages.   Magical: Use...

Yellow Jasper


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