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Key words; Cooling, soothing, enhancement of clear communication, purification, peace and courage Chakras; Throat, Heart Element; Water Planet; Moon Physical; Helps with sore throats and throat conditions, inflammatory illness Emotional; Good for calming anger, relieving stress, expressing true emotions. Spiritual; Speaking one's deepest truth, meeting the Divine Feminine. Magical; It is said that Aquamarine is the stone of the Sea Goddesses...

Arabic stone


This stone get's is name from the patterns formed that resembles the Arabic Alphabet. It is a fossilized stone make from bone, vegetation and shell fragments. This stone aids in keep a cool head in volatile situations and helping to create positive results from seemingly hopeless situations. 



Key words; Calming, Grounding, Stabilizing, Earth-Healer Chakras; Base Element; Earth Physically; Aragonite is stone that makes you feel comfortable an well within your own body. Spiritual; Aragonite stabilizes spiritual development that is out of control.  



Key word; Journey stone, energetic downloading Chakras; Crown Element; Wind Physical; it de-energizes and restructures habitual patterns  Spiritual; Aids in transition of all types, Cycles of birth, death and rebirth 



Key words; Self-knowledge, link with one's Divine blueprint Chakras; All Element; Storm Physical; Assists in over coming addiction and boredom, promotes the zest of self-discovery. Emotional; Aids in overcoming depression and boredom, stimulates the zest of self-discovery. Spiritual; Inspires realization of multidimensional self and life purpose 



Key words; Past lives, stress, peace,  Chakras; All Element; Earth Physical; Encourages you to complete projects already set in motion.  Spiritual; Great for spiritual evolution, aids in recognizing the right use of power and the true nature of spiritual empowerment.