The Witches' Broom represents their ability to travel between the worlds.  To fly on the broomstick means out-of-body travel, or the act of sending one's perception away from one's self as happens in remote viewing and so many other kinds of psychic work.  The Witch is a kind of Shaman, or spirit guide.  Her role as traveler between the worlds is always to learn spiritual truths, or to find a part of a person's spirit that has been lost to them, making them unwell.  Witches are healers first and foremost, and they travel between the underworld, this earth, and the realms of the skies above to aid them in their compassionate work.  Each spirit journey deepens the subtlety of the Witch's perception until they can see into all three worlds with the same eye.  The Witch's broom is a symbol for the flights of the spirit that transform the Witch into the highest being she can become.  The broom is also a symbol of cleaning and purification.  Just as the flight of the Witch deepens her being through the spirit journeys, it also cleans her inner corners free of the impurities that corrupt her spirit- like anger, greed, and fear of facing things as they are.


Pendants come with a 33" long cord

Aprox. Size : L: 2.25" W: 1.0"

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