On June 22, 1951 the last of the Witchcraft Acts was repealed in the UK. This single action would lead to the rise of what would become the global witchcraft revival movement. Despite another year marking the passing of this historical event, so much of our history still remains lost, misunderstood, or frankly made inaccessible to the magical community at large. There is a craving for better information about the more recent history of witchcraft in the hopes that these gaps in knowledge may be filled, and it’s the author's intention to make Witchcraft Unchained: Exploring the History & Traditions of British Craft the book that will do just that. By addressing the metaphorical chains that have found their way into our community and restoring what has been lost, misunderstood, or made inaccessible, the reader can become empowered with new thoughts which will allow them to connect with their magic on a deeper and more personal level.