Fly to the Sabbath with our Witches Flyght Candle.  Awaken the wild within you and meet the Devil himself. Crafted during the Super Full Moon with the magic of sabbat flyght.  This candle is scented with Essential oils of Mandrake, Clary Sage, Wormwood and other that act as aids during flight. 

Groups of Witches congrated together in the presense of the Devil, the Master of Ceremonies, 'the bearer of forbidden gifts was he' (Devil's Dozen: Thirteen Craft Rites of the Old One.) Standing at his polpite as the man in black, commanding and demanding of his Witches. Witches flew to the Sabbath by anointing their bodies with special hallucinogenic ointment, taking up their broomsticks, pitchforks or rode on the back of animals (goat, ram or dog).  Some Witches were reported to call on their daemon/familiar spirits and transform for their journey to the Sabbath from toad, to rabbit, black cat or a varity of black birds.

Uses for rituals aiding in Witches flyght to the Sabbat, Astral flight, to gain sight, or magical spying. The Black Cat is the Familiar most common to accompany the Witch in the shadows, cauldron round helping empower spells, or waiting for delicious morsels from hellish brews.

Historically there is a number of different ointment recipes from around the world that is recorded to have brought Witches to meet the Devil.  Our housemade oil recipe is based off those recipes and the work I've done with Gemma Gary's Devil's Dozen; Thirteen Craft Rites of the Old One.

Size; 5.80 oz
Burn time; 7 to 10 hours (straight)

Material; 100% Vegan

***This candle can be used for rituals multiple rituals/astral travel or journeys. 

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