Author: Lillian Too (USED)

Unlocking the Secrets of Chinese Fortune Telling  opens the door to the living tradition that Chinese people have used to map out their lives and destinies for centuries; and also to the oracle techniques they used to determine the answers to short-term dilemmas. Discover the following ancient traditions of divination: your paht chee (Eight Characters) birth chart additional astrology readings to supplement your paht chee chart palm, face, and body reading annual and monthly updates that take care of day-to-day problems and advice based on the almanac of good days and bad days a range of oracle divination techniques, including the I Ching, the Wen Shu oracle, the Yellow Emperor oracle, and tea-leaf reading. Chinese destiny analysis enables you to act with caution when living through the bad years, and to suggest auspicious times for taking risks during the good years. When you are able to map out your luck from year to year, from month to month, and even from day to day, you will have as much control of your life and of your luck as is possible.