The Walking Charge & Other Masonic Charges Performance Pieces & Poetry

Author; Cornelius Sinclair

A compendium of Masonic performances to be used either in Lodge or at the festive board. Within this book you will find the famous ‘Walking Charge of the Third Degree’ which is an increasingly popular feature of presentations to those newly raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

There are also several historic charges from historic Freemasonry that were presented to the newly initiated Mason explaining, in a ritual presentation, the history of the Craft and the morality associated with the Masonic system. Lastly you will find in this useful and attractively presented volume variations of the Masonic toasts (not in common use but not entirely extinct) and poetry ideal for the festive board.

This excellent and useful companion to Freemasonry is a must have for those wishing to expand their Masonic knowledge or add to their Masonic presentations and performances.’

**The book is small but mighty