Author;  Christina Oakley Harrington

A handy guide to the traditional use of herbs and plants in magic and spell work. Plant magic is a perennially popular subject, but in most books on the topic readers must wade through eye remedies and cold cures to get to the actual magical powers attributed to the plants. In Treadwell's Book of Plant Magic, author Christina Oakley Harrington founder of the renowned occult Treadwell's Books in London focuses the lore and learning of the of plant magic. She has sifted through hundreds of traditional sources to create a rare compendium of the "old ways" in which plants have been used to achieve love, win competitions, become invisible, see fairies, gain good luck, achieve success, receive protection, and more. The book also offers practical updates to the old uses, which the modern reader will find easy to carry out. The Problems and Needs section suggests the appropriate plant or plants for almost any circumstance one could face in life.