Author; Ann Brennan

Ann Brennan is a local New Brunswick author who has just released her first full novel, she is also a customer of our shop and its been a pleasure getting to know her. :)


The first book of The Faery Chronicles, Anglebert Crosses the Great Water, is a fast-paced adventure novel about an Irish Faery who, on impulse, but with a sense of destiny, travels with a Human visitor to her Farm and Forest home in New Brunswick. Much to Anglebert’s surprise, he has been expected.

He discovers the Elders have chosen him to help bring about a new union of the Faery and Human worlds meant to protect and restore the Earth.

But Destructive Forces are dead-set against this union and are on the move to prevent it. Therein begins a tale of cooperation, unlikely heroism, and a fierce battle, with the restoration of Earth’s healing energy hanging in the balance.

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