Author: Brigid Ashwood (USED)

The Earth Child's Handbook
written and illustrated by Brigid Ashwood

The Earth Child's Handbook is a primer, reference, craft and activity book series for families that follow Pagan, Wiccan and Earth Based spiritual paths. Designed to appeal to all age groups (and grown-ups too!), the books address common Pagan belief and practices, explaining the principles and traditions behind them.

Each chapter features:
~ Recipes
~ Instructional craft projects
~ Coloring pages, mazes, connect-the-dots and word searches
~ Color, cut and assemble projects.

Younger children will delight in coloring pages and paper crafts. Older children will find educational fun with word searches, mazes, connect the dots and instructional crafts. And parents might find it a lifesaver with easy recipe ideas and inspiration for teaching and building Pagan traditions.

The Earth Child's Handbook - Book 1 features chapters on the joy of family and diversity, honoring the earth and the principles of the four elements, the universe and Pagan beliefs regarding the Sun and the Moon, explanation of Deities, an introduction to Magick and Ritual with simple spells and exercises, and a complete "color, cut and assemble" paper altar project.

Topics covered include Shapeshifting, Runes, Book of Shadows, Animal Guides, Chakras, Meditation, Astrological Signs, The Elements, Cycles of the Moon, Magickal Correspondences, Sun Deities, Moon Deities, Triple Goddess and Triple God, The Four Quarters and Casting a Circle.

Featured activities include making a Chakra shirt, rain stick, homemade face paints, herbal infusions, bath salts, a moon phase wheel, moon cake recipe, a complete "color, cut and assemble" paper altar and much, MUCH more.

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