Author; Ceryn Rowntree

een Spirit Guide to Working with Mediumship is a brilliant and comprehensive guide to working and communicating with the Spirit world. Although primarily written for young adults, it can also be utilized by anybody wanting to start their journey into working with Spirit but struggling with where to go for advice or more information. In easy and clear steps, Ceryn Rowntree will take you through the basics of connecting with the Spirit world, to more advanced techniques, and how to do it in a safe way that's comfortable for you as an individual.

Ceryn Says...

"I have had experiences with the spirit world for as long as I can remember, and vividly recall having a group of 'imaginary' friends who I would play and talk with from a very young age (my mum never tires of telling the story about me walking along Blackpool pier aged 3 talking to someone no one else could see!). I was fortunate to be brought up in quite a spiritually aware family where that was accepted but still struggled to find what I was looking for when I tried to develop this further.

Communicating with the spirit world is something I wholeheartedly believe anyone can do but I think it's more than just 'close your eyes and talk to your guide', it's also about learning what feels right and comfortable for you and in a way that keeps everyone involved safe. I very passionately believe that the way spiritual development has been traditionally managed in the past needs to grow and evolve for ours and future generations and this is reinforced to me regularly by the younger people I tend to meet through my local spiritualist church, workshops and daily life who talk about having an interest in those fields but struggle with where to go for advice or more information."

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