Popular tarot artist Lynyrd-Jym Narciso has focused his creative talents on modernizing Marseilles Tarot. Tarot de Maria Celia was inspired by several variants of the traditional Marseilles style yet brings its own uniquely charming features to this new deck. The card illustrations feature a fresh pastel color palette with "faux vintage" accents. In keeping with the European tradition, the card titles are presented in French.

This pocket sized 80-card deck in a tin comes with a 56-page instruction booklet. On reading with Marseilles decks (from the Tarot de Maria Celia Booklet) Most modern Tarot decks have fully illustrated Pips-that is, the cards of the Aces to the Tens each are depicted with pictorial scenes, more like the Court cards and the Trumps or the Major Arcana, and unlike those in normal playing cards.