The talisman is a way of focusing your intention through something you can feel and see.  This talisman is a tool for fulfilment in love. To make it work for you, sit holding it in your hands.  remember a time when you were feeling totally positive about a new relationship.  Try to put yourself in that mood.  Forget about the person you were with, and remember how you felt instead.  Keep that feeling in mind when you are holding your talisman. When you feel that you have connected with it fully, your talisman will begin to work for you. This talisman is made with designs from the Kabbala, a Hebrew book of magic.  They are intended to invoke God as the source of love. But, the Lord helps those who help themselves, so it is also for us to remember ourselves as loving beings.

Pewter Pendants come with a 33" long cord

Aprox. Size : Diam: 1.25"