Author: Mari Silva (USED)

Are you familiar with the seven African powers?

Do you want to learn the secret of their powers?

Do you want to cultivate your own spiritual energy?

Are you interested in learning how the ancient Yoruba survived slavery with the help of their ancestral spirits?

Hundreds of years ago, the Yoruba people of Nigeria and West Africa were brought to America as slaves. Luckily, they successfully preserved their heritage and ancestral spirits by disguising their deities as Catholic saints. In secret, they worshipped. The result is the new-age religion known as Santería, a blend of Catholicism and African traditional beliefs.

Santería offers valuable and insightful information into the origins, beliefs, and practices of the syncretic Lucumí religion. This book will teach you the remarkable secrets of the Yoruba people.

In this book, you will:

  • Discover how to invoke the orishas and the seven African Powers.
  • Master the art of divination to foretell your future.
  • Never worry about negative and evil forces again.
  • See practical examples of how to use divine power to achieve your goals.
  • Learn the powerful spells and rituals the Yoruba use to channel their gods.
  • Master the use of ashé and iwa pele.
  • Become a powerful child of the gods.
  • And so much more!

With this book as your guide, you now have a starting point to the life you desire. Santería will set you on the path to uncovering your roots and help you to establish a spiritual bond with the spirits of your ancestors.