Other Ingredients: Rose (Rosa spp.) & Spring Water

Rose Hydrosol is a toner for all skin types, body splash, anti-anxiety spray, deodorant and room freshener. It can be used often to calm the nerves, relieve PMS and menopausal symptoms and open the heart. It is cooling and refreshing when sprayed on the face and neck. It is the quintessential remedy for the emotional roller coaster of life. It is indicated for grief, anger, irritation, aggression and depression. Rose can be used for those that need constant reassurance, or have a lack of courage.

About Hydrosols: Hydrosols contain all of the essence of the plant like essential oils but in a milder form. The word hydrosol, ‘hydro’ water and ‘sol’ solution means water solution and refers to the fact that a hydrosol is water containing plant molecules, it is produced alongside essential oil in the process of steam distillation.  This makes them suitable for applications where essential oils may be too strong. Try hydrosols as a facial splash, body perfume, deodorant or air freshener. Hydrosols can be blended in most bath products and freshens up laundry water.

Spiritual Uses: Use for healing rituals/spells that are most benificial of physical and mental healing. Did you know that Cleopatra used Rose as an aphrodisiac? she would bath in rose petals and milk often.  Love & Lust rituals/spells, a little spray on the skin as a perfume can attract a lover. 3 sprays on your pillow before bed can induce some wonderful dreams. Or spray yourself right after a bath to attract love into your life.

All Bear Roots Forest hydrosols are steam distilled in small batches with a copper still using plants grown or wildcrafted on our farm.

Made in Kingston N.B.