Planetary Magic is ubiquitous in nature. It has influences in a large verity of magical workings, Divination and Spirit working just to name a couple.

Each of these candles have been created in the day and the hour in the energy of it's intended magic. They are scented with an essential oil mixture to arouse the senses and awake the spirit.  Used for all spell working to do with the planetary energies.

Size; all candles are 3" tall by 5 1/2 " wide and 3oz

Each candle will roughly burn for up to 36 hours. You can extinguish and relight at any time. 

**Each candles comes with a little surprise when burning. 

Moon - All forms Moon magic including glamour, dream, emotions, adventure.

Mars - Sex magic, will power, dynamic energy and war

Mercury - Communication, creativity, skill,

Jupiter - High power, business, opportunity, health

Venus - Love, social, emotions, values

Saturn - Business, death, realism, self-control

Sun - Success, creativity, leadership, Wealth/Abundance