Author; D.J. Conway

Discover how your life can improve when you work with the ever-changing cycles of the Moon in the life-changing book by D. J. Conway, "Moon Magick.
Each month you are affected by the power of the Moon. Your energy levels wax and wane just as the Moon does, sometimes urging you to start new projects and other times to sit back and plan. When you know the Moon''''s effects on you, you can use its energy to work "for you instead of against you.

When you learn to let your life flow with the cycles of the Moon, you undertake projects, socialize, and travel at optimum times. "Moon Magick explains how each of the thirteen lunar months of the year is directly connected to a different type of seasonal energy flow. Each chapter contains practical information related to the thirteen lunar months, including Moon lore and myths from around the world, ancient holidays, spells, meditations, and suggestions for foods, beverages, and decorations to accompany your Moon rituals.

  • Learn magical ways to put Moon energy to work for you

Incorporate the appropriate Moon deity into your rituals to boost their strength
Use lunar lore, spells, meditations, and rituals for tapping the Moon''''s forces
Fight the low spirits and lethargy of the Dark Moon with positive spellworking
There are rituals in "Moon Magick for a variety of purposesattracting good fortune, family peace, wealth, rain; averting harmful gossip, and more. You''''ll find celebrations for over one hundred Moon deities in this book, from Aine of Knockaine to Yue-Lao; with Sarasvati, Diana, Artemis, Bast, Hecate, Inanna, Ishtar, Arianrhod, Ganesha, Kali,and other deities.
Why not use every means available to improve your life? Moon magick is one of the easiest, most effective magickal techniques around. Improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being when you align yourself with the powers of the Moon.