Author; Donald Kraig

There has always been a difference between the mystical sexual practices of the East (which focus on the body's energy) and those of the West (which focus on mind and the physical world) until now.

Modern Sex Magick, by world-famous author Donald Michael Kraig traces the history of Kabalistic sex magick back to the famous Temples in Jerusalem and follows how it was a secret up into modern times. Then he describes the sixteen theorems of magick and sex magick followed by techniques and exercises that will prepare you for sex magick rituals. In this section you will not only learn about male multiple orgasm and female ejaculation, but you will learn how to do them. Then you will learn how to make five types of talismans that you can charge with sex magick.

The book reveals that the true secret of sex magick is how energy raised during sexual arousal is directed. The book gives explicit directions on how you can manifest your desires and goals through the directed use of sexual energy. From this you will learn about monofocal, duofocal and polyfocal sex magick, the different modes of sex magick and more than ten rituals which use sex magick. This book is the non-sexist, too, and includes articles by four powerful female sex magicians.

In the most controversial section, Don reveals explicit instructions that other have only hinted at: How to work sex magick with a group. Then, even more revolutionary, are the secrets of using intense sensations and sensory deprivation to enhance your magick. Rituals are included for this work, too.

Already, some have said that this book reveals sex magick for the 21st century. This book is ideal for open-minded adult individuals and groups of any magical level. No matter how much experience you have, this book is a must.