Author: Josephine McCarthy

Magic of the North Gate: Powers of the Land, the Stones, and the Ancients takes a highly original and detailed look at the magic that involves the land, the body, the living, and the dead. Written by one of the world's leading adepts who specializes in magic and the environment, Magic of the North Gate offers occultists, pagans, witches, and environmental magicians many powerful, natural, and interesting ways to magically connect with the land and nature.This book moves away from a heavily ritualized system of magic, and instead delves into the powers that flow all around us: the winds, the power of the land, the voices of the dead, and the many spirits that we find in nature. It introduces the concept of fellowship and cooperation with nature, and offers detailed insight into the practicalities of making friends with the landscapes that surround us.Magic of the North Gate takes us on a journey through earth magic. It covers methods for working with land spirits and faery beings, as well as for building nature shrines, living in a magical home, working with the magical elements, and connecting with ancient burials. The book also reaches deeper into nature magic, looking at the powers of creation and destruction, the weaving of power and fate, and how to connect to, and work with, storms.
AuthorJosephine McCarthy is a Western magical adept living in the Southwest of England. An esoteric practitioner, teacher, and author, she has written twenty-six books on the theory and practice of Western magic, and four works of magical fiction. Josephine has taught extensively in the USA and UK since the early 1990s, and has lectured at various occult, esoteric, and hermetic conferences in the UK and USA.Her work has always put particular emphasis on the magician's relationship with the land and the environment. More recently her research interests have expanded into the magical analysis of New Kingdom Egyptian funerary texts, exploring their living use and working with their deities as forces of nature. She is also the author of Quareia, an extensive, in-depth, open source online training course in the theory, practice, and history of Western magic, which seeks to move Western magical practice into a deeper, more cooperative relationship with nature.