Lilith is a modern goddess patterned after the dieties of the Assyrian world.  Withe the wings and feet of an eagle, her element is air, and her mystic vision is as sharp as the worldly vision of the eagle.  Lilith holds two sacred hoops made by joining together the opposite ends of two sticks.  In this way, she shows that sacred circles are made by overcoming all opposites, divisions and dualisms. Lilith's name is derived from the Babylonian word Lili, meaning a male devil, and Liastu, meaning a female devil.  Lilith is a goddess beyond all dualities.  She is not a virgin, but neither has she known a man.  She has an earthly form, but is one with the sky.  Her mind is the temple of science, but she hears her heart just as much. 

Pendants come with a 33" long cord