Author; Alexander Porteous

Originally published in 1928, this is a fascinating and extremely comprehensive guide to forest folklore. It is not only concerned with English lore and mythology, but also that of Asia and Europe. A thoroughly interesting and informative book for anyone interested in where some of our beliefs and customs originate. Contents Include: FORESTS OF ELD Archaean Forests Primeval and Tropical Forests Cosmogonic and Traditional Forests FABULOUS FORESTS Forests of Romance and Myth FORESTRY Ban Forests or Royal Forests Early Forestry The Moon's Influence Ancient Foresters Forest Customs GROVES Earliest Druids Classic Groves MYTHICAL DENIZENS OF THE FORESTS AND WOODS Spirit of the Forest Witches Fairies Demons Wood Spirits Wild Huntsman Wood Nymphs TREES Trees in General Shadow of Trees Trees as the Origin of Mankind Worship of Trees Transformations into Trees Trees Preside Over Marriages Trees Planted at Births Arboreal Tribes Burial on Trees Funereal Trees Elsbeer Tree Christmas Tree Genealogical Tree Devil Trees Guardian Trees Abode Tree Speaking Trees Life Tree Bull Oaks Mythical Trees Sacred Trees Traditional Trees Famous Trees Curious Trees Marvellous Trees FOLKLORE Fossil or Petrified Forests and Trees bark of Trees Leaves of Trees Thorns Spines Prickles Origin of Fire Divination Divining Rod Wands The Man in the Moon The Yule Log Forest and Tree Legends Keywords: Tropical Forests Shadow Of Trees Wood Nymphs Forestry Customs Spirit Of The Forest Wood Spirits Asia And Europe Informative Book Foresters Huntsman Druids Eld Fairies Witches Comprehensive Guide Folklore Lore Demons Mankind.

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