- Our Fiery Wall of Proection candle is 100% Vegan friendly. 

Created with the energy and purpose of setting hot and fierce boundries of protection when the time calls. Whether its for you, a situation, or someone you love, build a wall of fire and shield is a great way to block out fear and intimidation, nasty gossip, hexes, jinxes, and curses, evil eyes, invasive/negative people, spirits, nagativity towards relationships, work/home and or pretty much anything that is malevolent and negative.  

- Write your petition on paper and place beneath this candle concentrate on the work needed to be done. Visualize a hot wall of fire circling around you, a situation or someone you love from whatever negativity is coming. This candle can be burned all at once or can be divided into 7 days with aid of straight pins. For best results, start your spell on a Tuesday and burn for 7 days.

Made by Mystic Moons with our house made Fiery Wall of Proction oil blend and hot chili flakes. All candles are made during the appropriate magical times with traditional ingredients. 

Size; 4.8 oz.